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Victoria Police updates crime statistics every three months on My Place. You can see what’s happening in your area and hear directly from your local police inspector about the work being done by police to tackle crime.


How can you prevent crime? Tips on staying safe in your area.

Residential Information Kit

The Victoria Police Residental Information Kit includes a number of crime prevention tips and other safety information.

Home and property

Things you do when at home or away can make a big difference to your safety and reduce the risk of having your home burgled or property stolen.

Business and commercial safety

Crime prevention is just as important for business as it is for individuals.

Schools and neighbourhood safety

Find tips to give you confidence around your neighbourhood and at school.

Prevention of motor vehicle theft

There are two types of car thieves: the opportunist and the professional. What they have in common though is that they can steal a car in less than a minute.

Click here to see the latest video featuring tips on how to avoid your vehicle being broken into.

Family violence

Family violence is a term referring to violent, threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour that occurs in family, domestic or intimate relationships.

Public transport safety

Whether travelling on a bus, tram or train, there are safety systems and procedures in place to help you feel safer.

Safety for older Victorians

Contrary to popular belief, a person aged over 65 years is less likely to be victim of crime than someone younger.

Staying safe and preventing crime online

Keep your family safe while enjoying the Internet.

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