Guardian V2 unveiled at 2017 road safety conference

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 08:26

Victoria Police welcomes one of the safest cars in Australia to its fleet, a Mercedes-AMG E 43, as it hosts police from across the State for the Towards Zero Road Safety Conference 2017.

The Guardian V2 replaces last year’s Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe as an operational highway patrol car and is on loan to Victoria Police for the next year.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said the Guardian has an extensive range of innovative safety features.

“It couldn’t be a more perfect time to unveil the second Guardian at the conference where innovation, safety and the future direction of road safety will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds,” he said.

“Our partnership with Mercedes-Benz is about highlighting safety features in vehicles; we want to be part of the discussion around what safer cars look like and know that having the Guardian V2 out and about in the community does this.

“Operational members will use the car to patrol the roads; will show the car at community events, it is important to us to highlight what real safety looks like and to have conversations with community around this.

“We know that three out of four deaths on country roads happen in cars that are older than 10 years and that a new car will stay on our roads for about 20 years.

“So the quicker we see these advancements in technology in our new cars the quicker it will be passed down to our teenagers, to our most vulnerable, when they are buying their second hand cars.

“All we are asking is that you consider safety for your car as an investment, an investment in the safety of yourself and for your family, it shouldn’t be an optional extra.”

Victoria Police encourage anyone buying a car to visit the How Safe is Your Car, and How Safe is Your First Car websites to check the safety features of any potential purchase.

The Towards Zero Conference 2017: Policing Innovation and Future Directions will be hosted by police and held over two days. Guests will hear presentations in relation to autonomous vehicles, speed, collision reconstruction, safe systems and road safety.

Acting Sergeant Julie-Anne Newman

Media Officer