The Sex Offender Register was established in 2004 by the creation of The Sex Offenders Registration Act (2004).

Its purpose is:

To require certain offenders who commit sexual offences to keep police informed of their whereabouts and other personal details for a period of time to
a) reduce the likelihood that they will re-offend;
b) facilitate the investigation and prosecution of any future offences that they may commit; and
c) prevent registered sex offenders working in child-related employment;

Offenders become registrable by being sentenced for sex offences against children. This includes possession and transmission of child pornography.

There are many offences which result in registration, and the reporting timeframes are calculated according to what offences have been committed, and how many. An offender can be registered for 8 years, 15 years, or life.

While it is possible for offenders who are under the age of 18 when they commit the offence to be placed on the register, this is determined by the sentencing court.

In addition to this, the laws allow a court to order that someone be placed on the Register for any offence - however they must be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the person poses a risk to the sexual safety of the community.

Registered Sex Offenders are required to report details to Victoria Police including but not limited to:

  • Contact with children
  • Membership of or affiliation to clubs or associations that allow child membership or invovlement in their activities
  • Residential and frequented addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses, ISPs and internet usernames
  • Motor vehicles (owned and generally driven)
  • Travel (domestic and international)
  • Employment

They are required to report these details annually, as well as reporting any changes within certain legislated timeframes.

It is an offence to fail to report these details within the legislated timeframe or to provide false or misleading information.

In addition, it is an offence for a Registered Sex Offender to
a) apply for; or
b) engage in -
employment that is child related

This is defined in the legislation as employment that "inherently involves or includes contact with a child".


Sex Offender Register Statistics

Victoria Police, as the custodian of the Register under the Act releases statistics.

Victoria Police report annually on statistics from the Sex Offender Register.

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